After three days of preliminary rounds, we were excited to see the weekend arrive, which means the finals have started and we can start crowning the winners of the various 2022 Australian Jumping Championships and Series. It was a big day with finals in the Children’s Championship as well as the Future Stars, Mini Prix, Emerald and Amateur Series. The day was topped-off with the Australian Speed Championship which is always a highlight of the Championships. In total, there was almost 11 hours of Jumping action to enjoy. Let’s take a look at how the action today unfolded:



The first class on the Pryde’s Main Arena this morning was the final of the 4cyte Australian Children’s Championship. After the two preliminary rounds, held on Wednesday and Thursday, entrants were ranked based on their finishing positions in those classes. The top 29 ranked combinations competed in today’s final, each carrying a calculated number of penalties into the final based on their performance relative to the best performed combination in the qualifying rounds. Since Charlie Magner and Master Stevie G won both preliminary rounds, they had the luxury of starting today on zero. There were three combinations in hot pursuit of them, all on three penalties. They were Imogen Lindh with Blackall Park Koraleigh, Imogen Lindh with Licaviv and Lucy Borrack with Mighty Tosca.

In the first round of the final, only two of this top eight were able to go clear, allowing their score to remain unchanged, while the other six combinations increased their scores by at least 4 faults. One of the combinations to take a rail were Charlie Magnier and Master Stevie G taking their total to four. By going clear Imogen Lindh and Licaviv went into the second round of the final leading the competition. A perfect round and the title would be theirs.

The top 15 combinations were invited back to compete in a second round. By the time we got down to the last two combinations on course, the competition leader was Lucy Borrack and Mighty Tosca, a horse that carried Jack Barker to victory in the 2021 Australian Children’s Championship. Magnier and Master Stevie G came out and produced a clear round to finish the championship on four penalties and put the pressure on the final pair.

If they were feeling any pressure, it did not show. Imogen and Licaviv again went clear to claim the title to the applause of the large crowd watching on. It was a great performance to go double clear today when the stakes were so high. Making the victory even more meritorious, at the presentation Imogen explained how she had only been riding Licaviv for a little over a week, having recently purchased the mare from Vicki Roycroft.

Above: Imogen Lindh with Licaviv.

There was a three-way tie for third place, all finishing on 11 penalties. The fastest second round of these three were Victorians, Lucy Borrack and Mighty Tosca who were awarded third place in the championship. Special mention also goes to local rider Tanner Robinson who, in an excellent performance, managed to finish fourth with the gelding Charlie and fifth with Cracker.

Congratulations to the winners and all the placegetters detailed below:

1st Imogen Lindh Licaviv
2nd Charlie Magnier Master Stevie G
3rd Lucy Borrack Mighty Tosca
4th Tanner Robinson Charlie
5th Tanner Robinson Cracker
6th Sienna Holdsworth-Rose Coolart Farm Short Torque
7th Imogen Lindh Blackall Park Koraleigh
8th Joel Lamb JB Little Gun



The next class we saw was the Verband Holsteiner Germany Future Stars Series Final. The Series was conducted over two qualifying rounds prior to today’s final. The first round opened the show on Wednesday with the win going to Frida Lindgren and Van Damme, followed by a second round on Thursday, taken out by Western Australians, Tessa Lill and Yalambi’s Key Lago.

Above: Frida Lindgren and Van Damme

Today’s final saw the top 25 ranked combinations based on performances in the qualifying rounds compete in a jump-off class with almost $6,000 up for grabs.

In warm sunshine and in front of a large early afternoon crowd, all 25 combinations took their turn to attempt the wonderfully presented David Sheppard designed course. In total there were 10 clear rounds and these combinations were invited back to compete in a jump-off to determine the Series winners. Only three of the ten could repeat their clear round performance in the jump-off and so it came down to times to sort out the podium positions.

It was a very close battle for the title. Setting the standard early on in the jump-off were Frida Lindgren and Sovereign’s Halo with a time of 41.76 seconds, which was a performance that was not eclipsed. The combination which came closest were Tess McInerney and Quintation, who stopped the clock at 41.90 seconds to take second place. In third, over five seconds slower were Vicki Roycroft and Kenny Casino with a time of 46.99 seconds. All the placings in the final are listed below.

1st Frida Lindgren Sovereign’s Halo
2nd Tess McInerney Quintation
3rd Vicki Roycroft Kenny Casino
4th Andrew Lamb Janory DP
5th Olivia Hamood Diamond B Bedazzled
6th Andrew Lamb Oaks Ever Red
7th Tessa Lill Yalambi’s Key Largo
8th Savanna Hopkinson Bittern Park Karmen
9th Gemma Creighton Diangella
10th Clara Palm Tulara Lady Zirocco
11th Jamie Winning-Kermond Yandoo Honolulu
12th Robert Goodwin Oaks Costa Rica



The Kiernan Plant Hire Mini Prix was the third class on the Pryde’s Main Arena and was won this afternoon by NSW’s Will Dight and Thea.

A total of 22 combinations were entered, having qualified by virtue of being the best ranked combinations over the two qualifying rounds held during the week. There were eight combinations clear who returned for a jump off. First out were Will Dight and Thea who set the standard going clear once again in a time of 38.81 seconds. A further seven combinations all came out and tried to beat Will and Thea’s effort, however, no-one was successful. The balance of the podium was supplied by Queensland. Second place, also clear, went to Clem Smith and Quantico 12 with a time of 40.11 seconds. The fastest 4-fault combination was Olivia Hamood and Knock Out 111 who finished in the fastest time on course 35.78 seconds, taking third place. The wining horse from this Series last year, Dublin was placed fifth today.

Above: Will Dight and Thea

It was a great competition and thanks goes to Kiernan Plant Hire for their generous sponsorship of the Series. Placegetters today are as follows:

1st Will Dight Thea
2nd Clem Smith Quantico 12
3rd Olivia Hamood Knock Out 111
4th Jamie Winning-Kermond Tulara Stolensky
5th James Paterson-Robinson Dublin
6th Tess McInerney Alpha Centauri
7th Gemma Creighton It’s Silkbridge
8th Rebecca Jenkins Fairview Cambridge
9th Jamie Priestley Oaks Diamantina
10th Emma Smith DF Balou Bird
11th Kate Rowe Tulara Connekta
12th Tom McDermott Warraleigh Park Cortez



The Racing Hearts Australian Speed Championship has wrapped up competition on Day 4 of the Pryde’s EasiFeed Australian Jumping Championships. In a spectacular class enjoyed by the many spectators who gathered to watch, Tom McDermott and Warraleigh Park Cortez set the standard by being the first combination on course. They finished clear in a scintillating time of 60.36 seconds and after that it was just a matter of each combination in turn trying to match their round. They all tried. Some came close. However, nobody succeeded.

Above: Tom McDermott and Warraleigh Park Cortez

Young Charlie Magnier and Quinn Z were the first to give it a real shake. They rode with desperation and looked to be matching McDermott’s efforts, but their chances were cruelled by a rail at the last. If it were not for that rail, they would have missed Tom’s time by just 0.5 seconds.

After a few more combinations came and went, Clem Smith, the 2018 speed champion rider make a valiant effort. He and Whimsical WDS went fast and clear in 64.17 to slot into second place behind Tom and in front of Charlie. Soon afterwards, Clem’s time was eclipsed by another Queensland combination, Courtney Scott and Second Chance. The crowd got very excited when it looked as if they might do it, but in the end, a time of 62.81 seconds, didn’t quite cut it.

It came down to the last combination; Clem Smith and Alite we the only ones who could knock Tom from the top of the tree, and wow, they certainly tried. They gave it everything they had and as the crowd cheered them on, it looked like they were going to do it. The crossed the finish and all eyes turned to the big screen, only to see the time of 61.09 seconds. Very fast, but not quite fast enough!

Clem Smith and Alite had to settle for second and Courtney Scott and Second Chance were third.

It was Jumping at its best and the night will live long in the memory of those that were fortunate enough to be there.

Congratulations to the winner and all the placegetters.

1st Tom McDermott Warraleigh Park Cortez
2nd Clem Smith Alite
3rd Courtney Scott Second Chance
4th Clem Smith Whimsical WDS
5th Charlie Magnier Quinn Z
6th Robert Goodwin Oaks Costa Rica
7th Courtney Scott Quinzella Z
8th Tom McDermott Elegance De La Charmile



The first class held today on Flemings Nurseries Arena 2 was the final of the Griffiths Equestrian Emerald Series. Thirty-five combinations competed in this class, having qualified for it due to their good performances in the two qualifying rounds. There were 14 clear rounds and nine combinations recorded double clear performances. The fastest double clear (42.88 seconds) and therefore the win went to the Victorian combination of James Harvey and Yirrkala Celeste. It would have been a sweet victory for this pair, after Harvey and the mare finished in third place in the 2021 Emerald Series final. To make the day even better for Harvey, he and the stallion GC Chicane combined to also finish in second place with a time of 43.68 seconds. The Queensland pair of Robert Goodwin and Caveton Park Legacy stopped the clock at 44.32 seconds which was enough to secure third place.

Congratulations to the winner and all the placegetters:

1st James Harvey Yirrkala Celeste
2nd James Harvey GC Chicane
3rd Robert Goodwin Caveton Park Legacy
4th Shane Davidson Spectre D
5th Olivia Hamood Boseda
6th Tori Stuckey Tulara Colette
7th Amie McMaugh Pure Diamond
8th Ally Lamb Fantasia
9th Kate Beadel Flex E



The next class on this arena was the final of the of the Amateur Series. The class today was sponsored by Volpaia Park and saw 27 combinations entered, based on their good performances in the two qualifying rounds. Eleven combinations achieved a clear round, which created the need for a jump-off. After the jump-off, there were still six combinations yet to disturb the rails, so it came down to time to sort things out. As it turned out the winning combination are no stranger to success at the Australian Championships. In 2021, Sarah Weiss and Waratone won the Off-the-track Championship and today they were the winners of the Amateur Championship. It was a tight victory, finishing in 44.11 seconds, just 0.21 seconds ahead of the second placed Katrina Silk and Dunrostan from NSW. Third place went to the visitors from South Australia, Taliah Daniels and Lamperds Stella with a time of 45.51 seconds. Congratulations to the winner and all the placegetters.

1st Sarah Weiss Waratone
2nd Katrina Silk Dunrostan
3rd Taliah Daniels Lamperds Stella
4th Sophie Stott Allwest
5th Robyn Todd Rodeo Drive LC
6th Bronwyn Shortt Desert Sands Calavino
7th Katie Clark Katelle Grand
8th Jane Powell Sorento
9th Kelly Lees Ohio Silver
10th Paige Cartwright Kitara Boizel



The final class today on Flemings Nurseries Arena 2 was the Sproules Farm Open 1.10m competition. A total of 58 combinations entered this single round class, which saw a massive 23 combinations go clear. The win was awarded to the fastest of these and that honour went to young NSW rider Alexandra Inglis and the mare Glenara Affogato, finishing in 59.12 seconds. Second place went to the experienced NSW rider, Des Gleeson and mare Mingara Vonbellawho took 62.53 seconds to complete the course. A time of 64.39 seconds was achieved by Hanna Lamb and RBH Mr Image, which was enough to secure third place. Congratulations to the winner and all the placegetters.

1st Alexandra Inglis Glenara Affogato
2nd Des Gleeson Mingara Vonbella
3rd Hanna Lamb RBH Mr Image
4th Susanna Verco Captivate
5th Neve Bailey Alpha Echo BMG
6th Annabelle Hoy KBL Arlo
7th Kelly Lees Wildon Park Tulouch
8th Jake Tomlinson Vinchino



The grass arena was brought into play for the first time in these championships, hosting the second round of the Racing Victoria Off-The-Track Championship. The spectacle was enjoyed by the large number of spectators who encircled the arena in the warm sunshine.

There were 26 combinations entered, who produced seven clear rounds. In the jump-off, only two of these combinations were able to repeat their clear round performances, so times needed to be consulted to determine the winners. The fastest of these two were Katie Clark and Katelle Grand, who stopped the clock at 37.93 seconds to secure the win. Second place went to Sam McCrae and Jamieson, finishing in 39.03 seconds. In third place today, in a very fast time of 35.15 seconds, which would have been enough to win had it not been for a single rail down, were the earlier winners of the Amateur Series, Sarah Weiss and Waratone. As mentioned earlier, this combination is also the defending Off-The-Track champions from 2021. The Final of this series is scheduled to take place on Sunday afternoon. Placegetters today are as follows:

1st Katie Clark Katelle Grand
2nd Sam McCrae Jamieson
3rd Sarah Weiss Waratone
4th Alice Lawrence Mr Ali
5th Jamie Coman Trespasser
6th Kimberley Williams Honey Steel’s Gold
7th Charley Beecraft Wonder Flash
8th Joy Collins Old Red



For the first time in the Championships, there was action across four arenas today. The first class on Tulara Warmbloods Arena 3 was the second round of the Chase Equestrian Ivory Series. It was a single round class with the winners Sunday Borrack and Tane Mahuta finishing in 59.50 seconds and going two places better than their third place in yesterday’s first qualifying competition. Kelly Fyfe and Materialism were second with a time of 63.93 seconds. Third place today was claimed by yesterday’s runner-up combination, Susanna Verco and Ruben, who stopped the clock at 64.25 seconds. The final of the Chase Equestrian Ivory Series will be held on Sunday morning on this same arena. Placegetters today are as follows:

1st Sunday Borrack Tane Mahuta
2nd Kelly Fyfe Materialism
3rd Susanna Verco Ruben
4th Hannah Lionnet Maple
5th Kate Parnell Valhalla Rising
6th Evie Magnier Mirabel Patterson
7th Kirra Nicholls Calveston Mighty Joe
8th Zhoe Willison Totoka Lodge Dazzle Me



The third and final qualifying round of the Yandoo Equestrian Services Pearl Series was the next class conducted on Tulara Warmbloods Arena 3. The winners of this class were Lorna Clifford and Ngahiwi Possum, who were clear with a time of 61.66 seconds. It was their second win in the series having taken out the first round on Thursday. In a repeat of their second placing yesterday, Eliza Abrahams and Vivarchi RM finished clear in 63.29 seconds. In third place, with a time of 63.41 seconds today were Kaya Zielinski and Lady Of Diamonds who deserve an A+ for consistency, having finished in this position in all three rounds of the Series. While they have not won in any Ivory classes this week, they are the defending champions from the 2021 Championships. The final is scheduled for tomorrow. Placegetters today were as follows:

1st Lorna Clifford Ngahiwi Possum
2nd Eliza Abrahams Vivarchi RM
3rd Kaya Zielinski Lady Of Diamonds
4th Kate Pannell Valhalla Rising
5th Simone Tanis Somerwaters Elite
6th Abigail Zammit GE Dark Phoenix
7th Simone Tanis Peter Rabbit
8th Emma Wall Hello Darling



The final class on Tulara Warmbloods Arena 3 was the third and final qualifying round of the JPR Equestrian Opal Series. For the third day in a row, young Victorian superstar Zara Adnams and her gelding Dingmac Disco King won the class. Today they went clear in a single round class in a time of 58.67 seconds. No doubt Zara will go into tomorrow’s final looking to avenge her second placing in last year’s Opal Series Final.

Second place today went to the NSW combination of Charly Robinson-Smith and Carisma II in a time of 58.99 seconds. The third placegetters, Olivia Curtain and Xcella took 59.83 seconds to complete the course, also going clear. It promises to be a great final tomorrow. Placings today were as follows:

1st Zara Adnams Dingmac Disco King
2nd Charly Robinson-Smith Carisma II
3rd Olivia Curtain Xcella
4th Lorna Clifford Ngahiwi Possum
5th Eliza Abrahams Vivarchi RM
6th Chloe Lockwood Mingara Panda
7th Rodney Mitchell Cera Cascaletto
8th Anabelle Klintberg Eye Catcher

It was a fantastic day of jumping action and all is in readiness for the final chapters to be written tomorrow in the big three championships. First will be the Junior Championship final, followed by the Young Riders. The final class of the Championships will be the Pryde’s EasiFeed Australian Senior Championship Final, which will be a spectacle not to be missed.